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Capture One

Make the most of your Raw files with powerful Capture One 12

| taught by Kasia Zmokla (MFA)


What You Will Learn

  • How to take advantage of the benefits of shooting in a RAW format
  • Easy installation and setup of Quick Capture One 12’s free trial download on your computer
  • Smart methods of performing global and selective luminosity adjustments
  • The best ways to work with layers, standard masks and the Luma Range Mask tool
  • Correcting color temperature and creating a mood with the White Balance tool
  • Proven color grading techniques with Curves (RGB & Luma Curve), Color Balance and Color Editor tools
  • Keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your workflow using Capture One styles, intelligent copying and how to reapply adjustments to multiple images
  • Stylish matt finish effect and custom vignette application

50 Minutes of Video

In-depth content for beginning & experienced users

15 Lessons

Bite-sized lessons, structured for you to learn at your own pace

Capture One Session

Complete Session containing source RAW files, all layers and adjustments for you to study



  • Welcome to the course
  • Capture One 12 Free Trial installation
  • Importing supporting Raw files
  • Capture One 12 interface
  • Tools & keyboard shortcuts

Fine Art Outdoor Portrait: Chris

  • Edit Introduction
  • Luminosity adjustments
  • Shadow detail recovery with Luma Mask
  • Shadow detail recovery global
  • Highlight detail recovery with Luma Mask
  • Matt finish
  • Clarity adjustments
  • Color Balance
  • Final touches: local luminosity adjustments
  • Reapplying set of adjustments to a new image


  • No prior knowledge of Capture One 12 is necessary, I will explain all the techniques in a simple way

  • Capture One 12 Pro trial 30 day free version is more than enough to complete the course

  • We will work with NIKON Raw files (.NEF) provided as supplementary materials to help you move on even faster!

  • Capture One Fuji / Sony is NOT COMPATIBLE with NIKON RAW files provided with the course

Get Started Fast in
Capture One